Sunday, December 27, 2009

BMX Photo Shoot- Just a Cool Photo

PHOTO ©Brad Fanshaw

This photo was shot in a studio when I was shooting a bike frame advertisement. The illusion of the rider flying over the top of you was always cool.

2-Hip King of Street Wall Ride

PHOTO ©Brad Fanshaw

This was shot at the 2-Hip K.O.S. near San Diego about 1986. Wilkerson piled a bunch of dirt against the back wall of the shopping center and everyone went crazy. Every major rider from the day was at the event and in true 80's fashion Vision Street Wear made the mark and outfitted the riders.

If anyone knows who this rider is I would love to identify him? I am guessing it could be Brian Blyther?
UPDATE: STRIKE at helped us identify the rider in the picture as Craig Campbell...thanks!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Powerlite BMX Rider

Photo ©Brad Fanshaw

Talk about a photo that just screams fluid style, Kirk Crisco was really competitive. Kirk rode for Steve Rink at Powerlite and always had that laid back stance over the whoops.

Thanks to Shannon for the id on Kirk!

Ron Wilkerson at 2-Hip King of Street 1980's

Photo ©Brad Fanshaw

Ron Wilkerson had been promoting his 2-hip King of Vert competitions with great success in the 1980's. This photo was taken at one of the first 2-hip King of Street comps near Del Mar, California.

Wilkerson and crew invaded a parking lot behind a grocery store. They rolled in a couple of junk cars, wood ramps and used the back of the store for wall rides. The photo is Ron stalling on the edge of a car before spinning and riding to the hood. This event was a scene!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

King of VERT Event Sign...How Far the Sport Has Come!

©Brad Fanshaw

I went to so many BMX and Freestyle events in the early days and most were at rural out-of-the-way locations. BMX tracks were out in the boonies and freestyle events were only sometimes held at areas.

Today, huge corporations like Mountain Dew and Gillette sponsor the events and they are held in nice stadiums and have TV coverage. Just 20 years ago events like Ron Wilkerson's 2-Hip King of Vert competitions were pretty low key. Just take a look at the event sign above and it gives you a clear ideas of how it was!

Ron Wilton BMX Action Trick Team Big Air Ramp Ride

Photo ©Brad Fanshaw

Eddie Fiola was one of the Southern California riders that emerged as a freestyle leader in the 1980's. He gained fame riding the skateparks that dotted So. Cal in the day and quickly earned a reputation as "King of the Skateparks".

Fiola rode with guys like Bob Morales, Bob Haro, Fred Blood, Woody Itson and Mike Dominguez. It was guys like these that set the early trends and styles of riding. Never a big flatland rider Fiola looked at home in the sky defying gravity.

But for many the power of Bicycle Motocross Action and Go magazine that featured riders from the BMXA Trick Team made them huge stars at the time. This photo shows Ron Wilton high above the ramp with just the black sky and a ring of stadium lights. Wilton was part of the BMXA Trick team with Mike Buff and R.L. Osborn.


Action Now Magazine The Action Sports Mag of the 80's

Action Now Magazine was so ahead of its time, published in the 1980's it was one of the best action sports publications ever. The reason it was so great was the talented staff of writers and photographers who sought the trends and emerging sports. Combine the sports of the day, that were just getting legs with music and culture and you have ACTION NOW!

If you can get back issue of this mag grab them you will find early roots action of BMX, freestyle, skateboarding, snowboarding, rollerblade and surfing. Coverage of So.Cal music culture as well.

Grab a reprint of the shirts and you will have part of the Southern California action sports culture.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Mike King Vintage Team Huffy BMX Team Photo Shoot

PHOTO © Brad Fanshaw

It was big news when Huffy got back into bmx racing in the mid 1980's and the team was a powerhouse! They signed Stu Thomsen, Mike King and Shawn Carmody, a team that was ready to dominate bmx racing.

I was able to gather the guys for a quick photoshoot to promote Huffy BMX during the ABA Mile High Nationals outside of Denver, Colorado. Since we were at an event we didn't have much time and we had nothing but a dirt lot to ride. Other than the static team shots with team manager Bob Hadley I was able to get some berm busting action of Mike King.

The photo is another from the fill-flash motion blur era of photography, a killer shot! This is certainly a team that is vintage bmx and deserves to be part of the bmxretro blog.


Denny Davidow BMX Wheelie Through Newport Beach

Photo © Brad Fanshaw

This is one of my favorite pictures, Denny Davidow and I were doing photos for a Free Agent bike test. It was about 1983 and we had been at some riding places in Costa Mesa and Denny was busting berms and jumping his brains out. Denny was a great rider to work with because he was easy going and would always push it for the lens. Over the years Davidow had ridden for bmx teams like Bassett, Skyway and now Free Agent. I remember that he was one of the unsung riders of the 70's and 80's, this is a guy who on any day could give Stu, the Patterson's and even Ronnie Anderson a run for the money.

We were having a great day and I had shot a bunch of photos, but it was time for some tacos. Denny and I headed to Newport Beach where he knew of a great place to eat. While sitting beach side this girl goes skating by in this hardly there swimsuit. Denny asks, "Did you see that?". How couldn't I, she was in that suit and just skating back and fourth. She skates by again and from the rear the suit was even less!

Just then, I spotted the sign- "Far Out Bikinis". I jumped up and shouted to Denny, "Grab your bike and I'll get my camera!" He looked at me like I was nuts, because he had no idea what I was doing. When she came skating by again, I stopped her and asked if she would like to be in a photo, no need to ask twice. Denny came by doing the one-handed wheelie and it is now vintage retro bmx history.

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